About Us

Industries du Sud is a company specializing in protective coatings and the treatment of different surfaces in order to preserve them and ensure their durability over time. Our team of experts makesit a point of honor to provide each of our customers with quality service and prompt delivery.

Our history, a company on a humanscale

It wasin 2011 thatwedecided to foundour surface treatmentcompany in the south of France, in the beautifulregion of Provence. When the companystartedour team consisted of just 4 people and at the time weonlyhad an oven, a coating gun and a sandblasting unit. Fromour first missions, achievingperfectfinishes and obtainingcustomer satisfaction was important to us and this has become the main objective of the company.

Industrie du Sud, a growingcompany

Over the years, in the face of increasingdemand, our team has grown and the business has started to grow. Our client base has grownsteadily and westrive to find the best suppliers.
In 2013, wemoved to largerpremises in La Penne sur Huveaune, near Aubagne, allowing us to welcomeourentire team as well as new, more sophisticatedequipmentbettersuited to the needs of ourcustomers. Thanks to a team of qualified experts and high-performance equipment, weguaranteeeach client an optimal result and verybeautifulfinishes. Today, our team includes 18 enthusiasts, who master all surface treatment techniques and who are able to adviseyouthroughoutyourproject.
In 2018, our business has evolved a lot. We have added a second workshop dedicated to aluminumtreatments and direct work. We are happy to offeryoumany services in the best possible conditions and to guaranteeyou a quality service from A to Z.

Our different areas of expertise

Our team has all the knowledge necessary for the application of protective coatings and the treatment of any type of surface. Application of industrial liquid paint or application of intumescent paint to protect your premises from fires, treatment by sandblasting or chemical washing, metallization, we offer many services to professionals and individuals.