Chemical Washing

Industries du Sud offers you an efficient cleaning process thanks to the acquisition of a brand new chemical washing machine. We are thus able to clean and etch all your metal surfaces in order to prepare them for the application of industrial paints.

Cleaning of metal surfaces in the Marseille region

This high pressure cleaning system is used upstream of the surface treatment. This is another cleaning technique, just like sandblasting. Chemical washing has the advantage of being quick and economical, however it is not suitable for all types of work on steel. It is therefore essential that our technicians analyze the surfaces to be treated in order to offer you the most suitable process.

Method for cleaningmetal surfaces

Chemical cleaning is a technique requiring a lot of usage precautions as well as a good knowledge of the surface to be treated in order to choose suitable products that will not damage the surface. Our surface treatment experts advise you from the start of your project and guarantee you quality service with the utmost respect for quality standards.

Chemical washing is the first step in treating your surface. Once made, your metal surface will be ready to be treated for a result offering beautiful finishes.

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