Hot Metal Spraying

Hot Metal Spraying is an industrial technique used by Industries Du Sud Surface Treatment Company. This anti-corrosion treatment protects metal surfaces from oxidation, especially in areas close to the sea and oceans.

Hot Metal Spraying in the Bouches-du-Rhône

Hot Metal Spraying consists of anti-corrosion treatment of all types of steel or cast iron. Industries Du Sud apply a layer of zinc to the steel surfaces to be treated with heat. This is hot metal spraying. The purpose of the hot metal spraying is to protect metal surfaces that have already undergone a shot blasting operation. Thanks to the very high temperature projection of a pure metal such as zinc, the surface to be treated will be protected from oxidation, corrosion and abrasion.
This technique is particularly recommended for surfaces suffering corrosion caused by salt water.
Industries Du Sud carry out the treatment in the greatest respect of the standards (standard NF-P74 201 and references DTU 59-1) which impose the total elimination of scale and rust.

Metallization treatment near Marseille

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