Industrial Paint

Industries Du Sud, a surface treatment company based in Aubagne near Marseille, offers industrial painting services. Floor or wall paint, automotive paint or anti-corrosion paint, each type of surface requires a particular technique for the application of paint.

Industrial painting for any type of surface in the Bouches-du-Rhone

Industrial paint is a liquid paint that is applied to different surfaces. The application of this paint is a profession in its own right as it requires excellent control of the various application and control processes. Indeed, according to the types of surface to be covered and according to their use, different processes will have to be used.

The team of technicians of Industries Du Sud guarantees a quality work in the respect of the standards of the painting according to its environment, as well as in the notions of hygiene and security.

Automotive, marine, industry, our custom industrial paint services

The paint is used in many sectors such as decoration, construction, automotive industry, the navy or the consumer goods industry. Professionals or individuals, according to your needs and your sector of activity we use different techniques.

For the automotive and naval industry, most of the time, anti-corrosion paints are applied. Depending on the surface, specific treatments will be carried out by us prior to the application of the paint.

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