Intumescent Paint

Industries Du Sud offers its intumescent painting services in Bouches-du-Rhône and surrounding areas and explains the importance of the application of this type of paint for all metal structures.

Intumescent paint, fire protection
It should be noted that metal steel structures do not burn in case of fire. On the other hand, if a fire is triggered and propagates rapidly, the temperature of the steel, if not protected, will increase considerably, around 550 ° C, in just 17 minutes. By heating, the steel then loses its structural strength.
However, a steel surface protected by the application of an intumescent paint will reach this critical temperature in more time, between 30 and 120 minutes, allowing more time to react and extinguish the fire before the structure is damaged.

Intumescent paint, the many benefits
Applying an intumescent paint has several advantages, besides the protection of metal structures of fires. Thanks to the application of an intumescent paint, the steel is covered with an anti-corrosion protection which guarantees its durability.
This type of paint also has an aesthetic advantage: indeed, after the treatment you will be able to notice an optimal finish that nicely enhances the metallic structure.
In case a maintenance operation is necessary, it is fast and the intervention is easy.
Finally, this painting technique has the advantage of having very little impact on the total weight of the structure.
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