Powder Coating

Powder coating is a treatment technique to protect metal surfaces, stainless steel, steel or aluminum. This process has the advantage of not using any solvent. It is therefore an ecological treatment technique, economic and without risk to health. Southern Industries offers you custom-made powder coating services, according to your needs.

Powder coating, an efficient and economical technique in Marseille

Powder coating, electrostatic spraying or electrostatic powdering takes place in three main stages.
– The first step is a chemical surface treatment to create adhesion between the paint and the metal surface.
– In a second step, a powder paint is projected on the surface to be treated with an electrostatic gun.
– The third phase of the process corresponds to the polymerization in a baking oven between 120 and 230 ° C, in order to obtain hardness, flexibility, gloss, anti-corrosion protection and durability.

For what type of surface to use powder coating?

Most of the time, powder coating is widely used in the automotive industry to paint large pieces with complex shapes. On the other hand, this surface treatment method can also be used for all types of metal parts, such as furniture for example.

What are the benefits of powder coating for Southern Industries?

Experts from Industries Du Sud advise using this powder-coated paint process for its ability to last over time. In order to optimize the life of the treatment as much as possible, we recommend regular maintenance of the treated surfaces.
The powder coating is also an effective technique that ensures perfect finishes for the metal part. Indeed, during the treatment, a uniform and regular paint deposit is formed homogeneously on the object.
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