There are several types of blasting that we can do for you. Sand blasting, grit blasting and glass bead blasting. Each has …

Chemical Washing

We have recently added to our equipment a new chemical washing plant that is capable of cleaning and etching the metal ready

Hot Metal Spraying

Hot metal spraying is the application of a zinc coat to the steel work using heat. It is used to further protect …

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a treatment technique to protect metal surfaces, stainless steel, steel or aluminum.

Industrial Paint

Industries Du Sud, a surface treatment company based in Aubagne near Marseille, offers industrial painting services.

Intumescent Paint

Industries Du Sud offers its intumescent painting services in Bouches-du-Rhône and surrounding areas and explains the importance of the application of this type of paint for all metal structures.

Site Work

On Site Solutions for your Project We can offer a number of on-site solutions for your project. Our aim is to offer an on-site service that is affordable without compromising on quality and safety. There are a number of reasons why an on-site service is more suitable from re-touching of damaged powder coating, repainting existing […]


Yachting Solutions We offer on-site removal and repainting of antifouling. In house repainting of engine parts, frames, etc. Contact us for more information on the services we can offer.


Make something new again If you are looking to update your garden furniture, wheels for your car, your front gate, we can help you with that. You don’t need expert knowledge of the treatments that you need. We can talk you through everything. Below are some images for inspiration of what we can do for […]


Industries Du Sud can offer a number of different delivery solutions for you What do you need? Whether it be a delivery back to you or to site, we have a number of options now available. We have a HIAB truck, a flatbed truck and a tipper truck as well as other vehicles available if […]